"The scale defines architecture. Without the scale, the architecture is a geometry with no identity. . When we talk about scale we are referring beyond context. It is not a measure, it is a proportion.  It is more than a concept or ratio. The scale is structure. The paragraph of the architecture. If we consider the poetry as architecutre,  the scale is the group of strophes, which determines the duration of the verse, the way of the written, the importance in the paper, the limit.The buildings have different scales. The scale of Rochamp is immediate, but it is bigger than Klaus Chapel and both are concrete structures. There is a feeling of stress and speed with scale. 


  Our cathedrals are lead to the scale of the cities. The scale of the temple talks about the context. They have eternal outbacks. There are spaces we have to read slowly, it is impossible to materialize all the sequence in a fragment of a second. They are heavy and complex beings. The scale, with no doubts, it is not a casual proportion. The scale can not be broken in time, it has a timeless elegance. We could consider it as inmortal, but it grows from a sketch, from a explosion of talent."




         -It is something scientific and emotional. This is ambition.-