they are momentum

"We strongly believe that the media society we live into is creating a giant imaginarium without criticism or references. Our aim is to provide the space where what is behind the work is open to all"

josep lluis mateo

josé juan barba

eduardo arroyo

pau soler

idoia otegui

clara murado

david arredondo

luis laca

fernando quesada

ricardo lajara

josé jaraíz

josé luis uribe

francisco garcia triviño

susana rosmaninho

mafalda mendonça

virginia de jorge-huertas

kim courreges

javiera navarro encina

zak boucetta

kike españa

antonio giráldez lópez

santiago de molina

rafael cubillo



"Architects are the axis of the upcoming future, that's why we are looking desperately for answers to all the questions the profession creates, these answers are more than pictures or frames, they are unique reflections"