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Momentum Suscription III + IV

One pay two issues. With this purchase you will receive the two next issues of Momentum: III and IV. You can select wich option fits best for you! One copy of each one or two copies!. Momentum III is coming to your library this Christmas and Momentum IV will be realeased during 2020. 

There is no automatic renovation. 

17,00 €

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Self, Shell, Shelter

Order Momentum nº 2: Self, Shell, Shelter. The second issue reflects about the role of the shelter in nowadays world exploring examples of a great community of collaborators: Eduardo Arroyo, Josep Lluis Mateo, Virginia de Jorge Huertas, Antonio Giráldez López, Idoia Otegui, Clara Murado, Zak Boucetta, Mafalda Mendoça, Susana Rosmaninho, José Juan Barba, Javiera Navarro Encina, David Arredondo and Kim Courreges.

8,50 €

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The ambition of scale

Special Offer! Order Momentum nº 1: The ambition of scale. This opening number introducts yourself to  differents ways of approach to the architecture criticism. The following architects have collaborated in this edition: Santiago de Molina, Pau Soler, Luis Laca, Francisco García Triviño, Rafael Cubillo, José Luís Uribe, José Jaraíz, Fernando Quesada, Kike España y Ricardo Lajara.  The magazine will be part of the public exhibition of the Spanish Pavillion during the Venice Biennale.

5,00 €

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